Financial Reward

Even though we believe that it is the duty of each and every one of us to battle the scourge of terror with any means at our disposal, we have decided to provide a financial reward for information provided that might assist in fighting terror.
Information you send us will be verified, and cash payments will be sent. The verification of course takes time, so we ask you to be patient after submitting your information.
After information has been verified, we will be in touch with the people who sent it to check how best to send the compensation, without compromising their safety in any way. We undertake to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to anyone sending valuable information.
Do not hesitate to send us any kind of information, even if it seems insignificant and not directly related to the people in the photos displayed on the site.
Concerning the people displayed in the photos on the website, we are interested in their true identity, family, place of residence, friends, telephone numbers, email addresses, country of origin, etc.