His arrest in Kuwait

Bader El-Din was also involved in establishing a terror cell that operated in Kuwait, for which he was arrested and sentenced to death. Following his arrest, Hezbollah's ESO began mounting attacks in Kuwait and abroad, in the hope of achieving his release. These included hijacks of Kuwaiti and Western airplanes, and abductions of Western citizens in Beirut. Bader El-Din escaped from prison during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and returned to Lebanon. He is considered to be lacking in interpersonal skills, and his acrimonious relationships with his subordinates and ties with his colleagues in the Hezbollah leadership are fraught with suspicion. The death of Mughniya in 2008 raised Bader El- Din's status in Hezbollah, and to some extent fueled the hostility that had developed between Bader El-Din and his colleagues in Hezbollah over the years.