Bader El-Din's secret life revealled


            These are modified photographs of some of Bader El-Din’s former girlfriends, and his current girlfriend as well. Their identities are known,
            but will remain private.

Bader El-Din is known as the fierce, hot-tempered leader  who seemingly runs Hezbollah’s Security Apparatus with the strictest adherence to discipline and operational security. Greatly feared for his explosive temper and manipulative personality, Bader El-Din is prone to angry tirades of physical violence.

While Bader El-Din may portray himself as the ever vigilant master of security, taking extraordinary security precautions in his movements and overall security practices, in fact this is only a fasade.

Contrary to the image he wishes to portray to others within Hezbollah, he would rather spend his time driving an expensive car, wearing designer clothes and flashy jewelry and sailing his private yacht. Bader El-Din has for many years lived the life of playboy with numerous, much younger girlfriends without regard to whether they are Christian, Sunni, or Shi’a, married or engaged to other men. He has secret apartments throughout Beirut where he lives and entertains women. Meanwhile, he rarely visits his neglected wife or their five children and preferring instead the lifestyle of a wealthy bachelor.  
Bader El-Din also has another daughter whom he fathered with a Kuwaiti woman.

Over the years, Bader El-Din has used many different mobile phones to stay in touch with his girlfriends. His use of these private phones in public violates Hezbollah’s security protocols. These phone numbers include 96176779854, 96176723094 and 96170080108. We know that with some of the girlfriends he was in contact with using these phone numbers, Bader El-Din introduced himself using his alias, Sami Issa.